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B'Nai Maccabim Public Shabbat Services  SUSPENDED UNTIL DECEMBER

Shabbat morning services will resume on 12th September 2020 at the usual time of 11:30am at Maxwell Park Community Centre, with the following requirements.

Until further notice:                                                                                                   

  1. we can now only have a maximum of 15 attendees at any service (including the Rabbi and Chazzan)
  2. If you plan to attend:
    Regular attendees - We will assume that you will be attending unless you email us to tell us that you cannot attend. Please email the Rabbi as soon as possible if you will NOT be attending. on the Friday and make sure we have your current contact details.     
    Visitors - Please email the Rabbi before attending as we may not have space due to restrictions on numbers.                  

This procedure will enable us to:

  1. ​​​​Keep records of those proposing to attend (and contact details) in case a fellow attendee is later diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus and we need to let you know.
  2. Check that the potential attendee is not symptomatic and have not been in contact with anyone who is symptomatic or diagnosed with COVID-19

We are all responsible for each other’s health.

  1. Attending services when feeling unwell, or failing to observe these rules, could result in another member contracting COVID-19. Therefore we respectfully request that attendees observe the following rules:

          a   Bring and wear a face mask or face covering. If you forget to bring your
    own we will have a small number of disposable face masks available.

          b   Follow the one-way system which will be in operation within Maxwell          Park Community Centre to help with social distancing. The one-way   
system is indicated on the floor. In particular:

          c   ENTER the centre only via the main front door

          d   EXIT the centre only via the doors by the bins (opposite the kitchen).

                       e   Use the hand sanitisers provided whenever you enter/leave the
       building and whenever you
 enter/leave the toilets.

                       f    Family/household members, or those operating in a 'bubble' may sit   
together. Otherwise, all chairs will be prearranged to observe the 2m
       rule. Please DO NOT move chairs other than to sit beside your family.

                      g   During the service, the government requirement is that only those     
      officiating will sing.
 Other quiet participation, including reading, is
      acceptable. For the safety of all: those officiating will be standing at a   
      safe distance, facing forward and in front of the congregation.

         h   Those making aliyot must social distance from those officiating, in
    order to prevent potential cross contamination. We will not be
    processing the Torah until further notice.

          i    We may not congregate in any part of the building other than in the
     lounge itself. On entering the building, you must come straight
     into the lounge. The general area, usually used for seating, may
     only be crossed for access to the toilets and exit.

           j   Regrettably, there will be no kiddushim for the foreseeable future and
    the kitchen is closed. No food may be brought into the building. If you        need to have a hot drink or snack before the service, please consume          these in the car-park before entering the building. Bottles of cold
    drinks may be brought in for personal use only.  

           k  The toilets will be open, but only one person will be allowed in at any           time to avoid close contact at sinks etc. (male/female/disabled are all 


The principle we are using is pekuach nefesh (health first) so:

    1.    Please only attend if you can do so is in line with government recommendations.

    2.    Do not attend if you are feeling unwell or have been in contact with others who are unwell. If you are feeling anything unusual please bear in mind that a wide range of COVID-19 symptoms have been reported. These symptoms include are described on this website:

    3.   While we trust HaShem to keep us safe, each of us must do all that we can            to promote the health and well-being of our fellow worshippers.

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