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Beit HaTorah means "House of Torah" identifying us as people who stand for G-d in the face of anti-biblical religion and the return of paganism. Our faith is rooted in the Five Books of Moshe and the One of whom they testify.


At Beit HaTorah we are focussed on living our lives in accordance with the Jewish Scriptures, observing Shabbat, the Festivals and life-cycle events as commanded in Torah. 


We are based in East Kilbride, near Glasgow one of the oldest Jewish communities in the UK.  We are a small synagogue but have been blessed to help raise up other synagogues around the world to whom our Rabbi is a mentor and teacher.


Our services have a structured format with readings from the Torah, Haftorah and Torat Mashiach (the Teachings of Mashiach), liturgy, prayers, modern worship music and teaching.


For those interested in converting to Covenant Judaism, we run a year-long course, Destination>>>Judasim.  If you would like further information, please feel free to email our Rabbi.


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