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A Covenant Synagogue?

In Beit HaTorah, our faith is based on the Torah; the covenant that G-d gave to Avraham, Yitzchak, Ya’akov and to Moshe and the children of Yisrael. Because of our failings, this covenant had to be renewed; by the means of the sacrifice of Mashiach’s life. [We have to act upon this. His sacrifice, enables us to renew our commitment to G-d, daily; if one has fallen to the evil Inclination.] So we [Should] share the joy of this covenant in our Shul. The Torah [The five books of Moshe] is the foundation of our teaching and life. 


"The Shul [Synagogue] is a large part of a Jewish life, while personal circumstances, such as illness, location, or inability to access a synagogue, might make it difficult, without community, a Jew or convert cannot keep the Torah and thus, cannot please G-d."


 The Jewish Mashiach, Yeshua, is not a human-god figure, nor is he the point of departure from Torah. Yeshua lived, breathed, struggled as a man, in whom G-d dwelled. Just as HaShem’s presence dwelled in the Mishkan, the “Tent of meeting”, so too HaShem’s, presence lives in Yeshua.  However, Yeshua established and did not replace, Torah. 


We keep the traditions of our people, Yisrael!


To sum up: This is what a Covenant synagogue is; an assembly of Jewish people, both those who are Jews by birth and those who choose Judaism, who seek to live out, teach and testify to the Covenant of G-d, the eternal Torah, brought to life and efficacy by Mashiach Yeshua.


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